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New websites, re-designs and improvements, optimisation (SEO) and custom coding. We welcome all project work, collaborations & questions.



Anew Web Studio is a small development studio located on the South Coast of NSW, in Yuin Country.

Our primary focus is to offer local businesses website design and development solutions, whether to improve an existing website or build something new.

Whatever your needs may be, we are here to help.


Owner and developer Lindsay Todd has over 20 years of experience in delivering web-based solutions. She holds a Masters in I.T. and has developed applications for academic, government and research institutions in addition to delivering solutions to many smaller businesses in the U.K., Sydney and most recently closer to home on the South Coast of NSW.

Helping local businesses achieve the look and functionality they want for their website is now her primary focus.

Without unnecessary jargon because life is complicated enough.

There are many elements to a website, which on top of running a business, may seem overwhelming. We are here to help remove the complexity involved in establishing your online presence.

we develop.

we design.

we help.


Lindsay agreed to re-design my Water Curtain (previously known as South Coast Bushfire Sprinkler Protection) website as it was not performing in terms of views and inquiries.

Wasting no time Lindsay soon developed a full understanding of my business, my competition and my target market. Through diligent research, Lindsay found what my potential clients were searching for and then went about rebuilding.

My new website is now easy to navigate, very professional, concise and informative. It is also ranking number one in key categories without paying for ads. This was one of our primary long-term goals and it has been achieved in only two months.

Lindsay spent time to research and understand my business with her warm, professional approach.

She was able to cement my brand, services and the overall feel of what I wanted into a website that I LOVE!

It truly reflects my brand. I had a wonderful experience working with Lindsay.

– Michelle Akiva, South Coast Lymphatic Clinic


Latest work...

Multi page site with design focused on simplicity and custom logo animation.
Multi page site with design and content creation focused on improving position against competitors in search results.

Single page site with design again focused on simplicity and negative space to showcase imagery.


Secretly our favourite…

A new business or new ideas – getting creative to deliver you a website that truly reflects your business and talks to your target audience.

Every website we create is designed to look it’s best on every device, with text and imagery optimised for the best possible performance.

Does your website need some attention? We can help.

This is the area where most clients struggle. Creating content for your website can seem like a daunting task.

Our approach is to add quality content and to be authentic to your brand. Build trust – this will be appreciated not only by your customers but will be reflected in your search result ranking.

Do you need a customised solution? Something different that you can’t buy off the shelf?

We love being different. 

Get in touch to discuss your needs.

SEO can seem like a complex topic but in a nutshell it is all about how you can improve your website’s position in search results pages. The higher you are, the more people will see you.

Our basic SEO tips include:


Don’t fake it.
Be authentic. Your customers aren’t stupid and neither is Google. Your website should be an honest depiction of your business. Build trust.


Use your words.
Add good quality content. Focus on words, not images to talk to your customers. Make sure you label your images descriptively – Google cannot ‘see’ them, yet.


Take your time.
Do your research. Think about what words your customers might use to search for you. How would you find you? Don’t be afraid to check out your competitors and learn from them.


Stand out.
If you are competing in a saturated market, aim to establish yourself locally first or try a different angle/niche area from which to grow.


Link everything.
Google loves links. It learns about your site through your internal page links and really loves backlinks from trusted sites. Backlinks are links from other sites back to yours – consider it a vote of confidence in you.


Don’t be a piker.
Invest in good hosting for your website, ensuring it is always available. Your customers and Google will appreciate it.

Keen to start fix update something? We welcome all project work.